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Sales Management

Flash Lead Essential

Grow at scale and unlock your company’s full potential with our advanced sales CRM.

Flash Lead Pro

Shorter sales cycle, more closed deals, conversational sales & automations to release the sales PRO in you.

Customer Support and Engagement

Flash Lead Whatsapp

Customer support and engagement are one click away for you and your clients.

Flash Lead Support

Omni channel support platform with ticketing for faster support resolves with all needed parties.

Connect with your
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The all in 1 critical software solution

for sales management and customer support needs.

Sales Management Essential or Pro

Manage your sales and convert high-potential leads.

Keep track of your customer information like purchase history, location, previous chats. The more you know
about the customer, the better you can sell to them.
Who are the employees
that achieved their
What was the
revenue for last
What’s the
number of calls
How many
follow-ups were
What’s your top
lead source?

Customer Support and Engagement Whatsapp or Support

Make customers happy with every contact

Stay on top of your customer service with Flash Lead. Improve response time and satisfaction, decrease
churn, track support team performance and automate your chats with no-code chatbot.
What’s your
What’s your
reply rate and
What are the most
recurring questions
from clients?
How many messages
to solve customer
Who’s your
top support

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Available on app and web

Let our smart solutions take the LEAD and

accelerate your company’s growth on all levels.

Reduce the time of each sales cycle and turn your salespeople into revenue generators

All businesses thrive with sales, you simply can not succeed without sales, whether B2B or B2C. Flash Lead puts the sales team first when creating solutions. This is why Flash Lead has provided all features and integrations in a lead management CRM that any salesperson could easily use for lead capture, and lead follow-up while documenting every action that took place with the lead on the system with customizable pipelines, and above and beyond lead import options.

Improve sales conversions. Drive deals to
closure faster and smarter across all channels.

Any business has multiple channels through which leads communicate with business representatives from initial contact to after-sales inquiries. Flash Lead offers an omnichannel conversation platform in the Sales CRM for lead management, integrated to connect all chat platforms with our system, avoiding distraction and time-wasting. This opens the door for chats to be turned into leads with a full overview on the whole journey. We also offer +5,000 integrations for seamless data transfer across platforms to cover your whole cycle.

Delight your customers by providing quick
answers and support
+ captivating engagements.

Nowadays most relationships are digital, including customer relations. Maintaining the same level of personal relationships online can be tough but can definitely give your company an edge. Imagine being able to predict your client’s support and technical needs and being prepared with quick replies and chatbot to kick start the conversation. Once a chat is engaged and customers express their need, chats are automatically assigned to the corresponding representative based on the client’s input. This will inevitably increase your customer satisfaction and retention and decrease churn. Want to communicate and engage with your clients at scale at their favorite platform AND offer real-time instant support? Start now.

Let’s talk numbers to date, shall we?

Flash Lead: Revolutionizing the market since our launch in 2021
4 Hrs
the average time of
Flash Lead usage/
the number of
clients handled using
Flash Lead
the number of
total users for Flash
the number of
actions done through
Flash Lead

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Your all-in-one sales management & customer support and
engagement solution is ready for you. Accelerate your company’s growth.

Our plug & play SaaS solutions were designed to fit any company on the path to growth. Wherever you are, regardless of your company size and scope, Flash Lead takes the distinctive buyer journeys into consideration with fully customizable tools to match your buyer journey and internal workflow.

If you’re looking to scale your business and streamline your processes, you’re in the right place whether you need a Sales CRM with omnichannel conversations, customer support and engagement tools with +5,000 integrations to cover your company functions from invoicing to e-mail marketing,

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