B2B & B2C CRM: Meet Flash Lead Essential

B2B & B2C CRM is a conflict that doesn’t include a winner as Flash Lead CRM gathers the two in one.

Flash Lead Essential is a CRM, management, and sales solution that serves all businesses; B2B & B2C, whether they’re small or medium. It doesn’t matter who’s the client your business targets, is it another business or an individual customer? They all fit in the software. How does that happen?

B2B & B2C Sales  Flash Lead Essential = B2C & B2B
Sales in B2B Flash Lead Essential and Solar Energy
B2C Sales Flash Lead Essential and Real Estate
B2C & B2B meet CRMs CIL

B2B & B2C Sales 

Before entering the CRM world, we need to differentiate between the two types of sales, to determine the exact requirements of each sales model. However, a single business could establish both types.

Sales in B2B

B2B expression indicates a business relationship between two firms, where one side is the seller and the other represents the buyer. For example, Flash Lead delivers Flash Lead Essential and Flash Lead Pro to other businesses to use and better their performance. 

B2B includes:

  1. Firms (ex. Consultancies) that deliver professional services to other establishments.
  2. Companies (ex. SaaS) that provide other entities with digital and software services.
  3. Suppliers that distribute or even produce raw materials for other manufacturing companies.
  4. Manufacturing companies (ex. Solar Energy) that produce on-demand products for other organizations or groups.

And the list goes on.

B2C Sales

B2C is defined by business-consumer sales; where the business targets individual customers, it doesn’t particularly mean that they have lower revenue in comparison to B2B; as it should be product/service-oriented. 

Therefore, a broker (ex. for B2C business) could have a commission in 1 million Dollar unit which exceeds the fees that a consultancy could receive upon providing a service (ex. for B2B business).

B2C could be briefed into two big partitions:

  1. Direct Sellers: It’s a large sector that includes F&B businesses, retailing, …etc; where consumers (end-users) directly deal with the seller whether they’re available online, offline, or both.
  2. Online intermediaries: They don’t own the products or services, they just make the consumer know the product and service that meets his needs; to buy it at the end from the seller through the intermediaries like Brokerage firms.

B2B deals last for long periods that could be nearly a year, while B2C deals might close in just 3 minutes. 

B2C & B2B meet CRMs

A CRM manages all customers’ data, whether they’re cold leads or loyal permanent customers. There are two types of CRMs; one that could cover a B2B lengthy needs and the other copes with the fast-paced B2C.

According to Gartner, the technology research and consulting company, the typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves six to 10 decision-makers, which made buying even harder; where 77% of B2B buyers stated that their latest purchase was very difficult.

A complex process, undoubtedly, requires a complex solution, and that’s how B2B CRM is suitable. 

92% of users believe that CRM participates in growing their business revenue

Flash Lead Essential = B2C & B2B

Delivering a CRM that could be used for B2B & B2C, that’s what Flash Lead has done, and here’s the proof. Flash Lead CRM has a customizable pipeline that includes any firm’s customers. That’s why real estate agencies (B2C) use Flash Lead CRM, in addition to contractors, event planners, and Consultancies (B2B).

A B2B sales cycle doesn’t contain fixed stages for all businesses, but there are common steps that could be found in any B2B business, and Flash lead CRM can include like:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Presentation/Sales Pitch
  4. Negotiation
  5. Closing
  6. Follow-up

These stages accompany the salesperson in making calls and answering them. They’re also found in replying to emails, organizing meetings, conducting presentations, building trust and rapport, handling objections, determining pain points, and solving them.

Flash Lead Essential keeps also the salesperson on track of the long and slow pipeline to avoid losing the deal, this patient monitoring nurtures the customer and the whole process as well.

A B2C sales cycle is much faster and shorter as the consumer seeks a need, a demand, or a want that satisfies him, Therefore; business depends on marketing to attract inbound consumers and establish brand awareness. Salespersons here consume most of their time on the actual sale instead of following up with the lead.

While B2B end user is a firm that seeks the ROI and analytics through multiple decision-makers. Flash Lead Essential is software that could bear this long cycle for decision-making. 

B2B CRM deals with hundreds or thousands of firms according to the volume of the market, while B2C deals with millions of potential customers which makes the B2B market easier to analyze and manage.

To make the picture more clear, we now illustrate two niches that resemble B2B & B2C; they use Flash Lead Essential for pipeline customization, meeting scheduling, call feedback, …etc.

Flash Lead Essential and Solar Energy

Solar Energy firms, like any other B2B entity, need a lead generation that Flash Lead Essential easily transmits into the sales pipeline. This business also depends on contacts and their referrals, the software solution automatically imports those referrals through the mobile app.

Firms could also list their on-demand products in the listings that Flash Lead Essential presents, the software, as well, organizes the team’s meetings across the dynamic calendar indicating their locations and time.

The solution notifies the users by the revenue needed to be delivered, and that is already collected, in case of closing deals.

Flash Lead Essential and Real Estate


All real estate agencies and brokerages know how important is a CIL (Customer Information Letter); which assures the broker’s financial rights, through which the broker informs the development firm that the customer X will buy a unit you offer through us.

In other words, the broker should send CIL regularly to remind the firm of the commission, he sends it every 14 days. The broker should do this manually, which might cause mistakes that involve not re-sending CILs the broker should do.

Flash Lead Essential automates sending CILs to save much time and effort, it eventually achieves zero human mistakes.


This feature in Flash Lead Essential allows the brokerages to import all the units they offer, these listings allow managing these units and the clients who inquired about them. These listings also contain all data related to the unit; its area, price, location, number of rooms, … etc.

After all, these listings contain a filter that controls the units the broker views according to the sales type; whether the unit is for rent, sale, the type of the unit, the name of the project, type of finishing, … etc.

Now, we conclude that Flash Lead Essential with its features is applicable for B2B and B2C; where it includes integrating the solution with any lead form, facilitating info transfer between team members, tracking communications between the employee and lead, and finally generating an analytical report about the team and leads, To know more about our solutions and packages, have a look over our pricing page.

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