Flash Lead X Biban 23: The Startup Ecosystem Is at Its Peak!

biban 23 X Flash Lead

When SMEs and entrepreneurs are gathered in one place, they share knowledge, explore new ideas, and capture new opportunities. That’s what Monsha’at, the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority of KSA, achieves in every Biban 23 forum. They’ve been achieving this great role since its first edition in 2017. What are the goals of Biban 23? What’s the role of Flash Lead in this distinctive forum? Read the article to learn more!


In 2016, Monsha’at (The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority). This rising star in the entrepreneurship world is in charge of creating, executing, and supporting initiatives and programs that promote self-employment, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Basically, it works to provide diverse financing sources available to businesses, promotes venture capital activities, and sets regulations and standards for supporting small and medium-sized projects. Such steps will open up a world of limitless opportunities for SMEs to realize their full potential as they develop administrative, technical, financial, marketing, and human resource skills.


Startups showcasing their products and services; hosts talking; panel discussions set up; workshops being conducted, and more are all found in the Biban forum. Biban is a hub, where everybody can find the perfect opportunity door they’re looking for. From the start door to the enablement door, they are all opportunities that help startups and investors, individuals and businesses, …etc.

Biban established nine distinctive doors which represent programs that suit all startups and enterprises regardless of their industry or sector. They include:

Start doorInnovation door
Growth doorStartup door
Franchise doorFunding door
E-commerce doorEnablement door
Market door

Biban 23

Adopting “Fostering Tangible Opportunities” as the main tagline of this year’s event is a perfect choice of words. As a result of opportunities, they contribute to the formation of distinctive ideas that enrich lives and develop reality. 

Biban 23 is a great step for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia toward becoming the business center in the Middle East and the modern world. This goal allows the SMEs to contribute to the gross domestic profit GDP by more than 35%.

More than 350 local and international speakers, 750+ exhibitors, 120+ enablement entities, top-tier businessmen, and entrepreneurs will attend Biban 23 for its significance in the business world.

The event also includes governmental authorities that startups require during their journey through challenges and obstacles. In this year’s event, it’s expected there’ll be more than 105K visitors. 

Biban 23 includes more than 300 workshops that will support more than 20,000 participants. These workshops discuss topics related to financial management, the experience of obtaining a franchise, the transition to e-commerce, risk management strategy, supply chain management, strategic planning, and enterprise growth.

Also, one of the major exhibitors in Biban 23 is Falak. For their essential role in the life journey of any startup that encompasses disruptive ideas. Falak supported numerous startups in the Middle East, including Flash Lead.

Entrepreneurship World Cup

Biban 23 is a distinctive startup and business exhibition hub that contributes to creating a healthier environment for startups and businesses. It also creates an environment of competition by hosting the finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup.

In this competition, more than 400,000 entrepreneurs from more than 200 countries started a quest in order to achieve the success they deserve. In addition, hosting the Entrepreneurship World Cup finals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a step in the right direction toward the 2030 vision. 

Biban hosts the global 100 finalists, who will receive $100 million worth of financial support.

Biban 23 is carried out at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Convention Center — Riyadh, KSA. It starts on 9th March and lasts till 13th March. Gates are open daily from 4 pm to 11 pm.

Flash Lead X Biban 23

Attended Leap summit two times, it’s expected that Flash Lead should be existing in one way or another in Biban 23. Flash Lead sees Biban 23 as an excellent opportunity to expose its ideas and illustrate its innovative solutions to a wide pool of entrepreneurs. Meet us there!

Flash Lead is a leading SaaS company that provides advanced business solutions that help SMEs to sustain quick and stable growth through sales and customer service.

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