Connect Facebook leads to CRM

An integration considered one of Facebook CRM tools that connects leads to the CRM

In the world of marketing Lead generation campaigns have become a very powerful tool to create qualified leads. A lot of social media platforms (dominated by Facebook and LinkedIn) are offering this objective to their advertisers.

Where you create a form with questions for your targeted audience and once they fill it you capture the lead.

The last four years faced exponential growth in lead generation campaigns through social media platforms which resulted in a higher competition and increased cost.

Throughout this article we will explain: 

  •  How Facebook’s lead ads started
  •  How the marketers used to capture their Facebook lead ads
  • The most popular tools for automating lead capture and delivery.

Connect Facebook leads to CRM: How Facebook Lead generation started

How Facebook leads ads started
Connect Facebook leads to CRM: How Facebook Lead generation started

Firstly, On the 25th of June 2015, Facebook announced that they will start testing a new method of advertising.

With a small number of businesses in the US, the piloting was successful and after three months they announced the launching of Facebook leads ads.

Since this announcement, the world of advertising has changed, as has the efficiency of this type of advertising.

Increasing the savviness of marketers and taking a big share of the overall marketing budget.

Facebook Lead generation ads have become one of the most used Facebook ads goals, especially in industries like real estate, education, and B2B.

It is now the main part of advertising, marketing, and the whole process of sales, it integrates every business model and every digital marketing plan.

The Innovation behind it leads the way in a new digitized business world.

Common ways to connect Facebook leads to CRM

There are two major ways to connect Facebook leads to CRM, and they’re:

  1. Developing Integrations: It’s setting up a fixed tool to be part of your solution which is CRM by the same service provider. 
  2. Third-party integration: It’s using a tool that could be added to the solution imported from another SaaS firm, which is less flexible and could force you to be in a Vendor Lock-in.

Connect Facebook leads to CRM: Capturing Facebook leads

How Facebook leads are captured be connected at the end to CRM
Connect Facebook leads to CRM: Capturing Facebook leads

Traditionally Facebook Leads are generated through a Facebook lead form, the advertiser sets the questions inside this form based on a preset goal for example:

  • Name 
  • Number
  • E-mail
  • Company name
  • Number of employees
  • Position

Or any other metrics he sees useful to understand the lead quality, once the form is complete.

Moreover, All information provided by the Facebook user is stored in the Facebook ads manager in the form of an excel sheet.

The digital marketer has to download the excel sheet manually and start the delivery of leads to the sales team.

The traditional way of “downloading Facebook leads manually from excel” consumes a lot of time.

As the excel sheet needs to download multiple times per day (or each time a lead signs up) and each time it needs filtering manually to separate old leads from new ones.

In addition to communicating the lead to the sales team on a google sheet or any other CRM.

Meanwhile, This GAP led to the development of a solution to automate and facilitate this process and enhance the marketing and sales team performance.

Benefits of Facebook CRM integration

This integration now saves a lot of time; where it stops the several usages of spreadsheets, and the leads automatically enter the CRM. Facebook lead management also helps the business to accelerate the process of selling, at the instant of capturing the lead, the salesperson could communicate with him.

No more lost leads, no more human mistakes could be done during filtering previously added leads and new leads, a CRM is not just a solution that manages the current clients, it became now Facebook lead generation software as well.


Zapier software and the method to connect Facebook leads to CRM

“Zapier” is one of the most popular solutions that is widely used by marketing people to automate Facebook leads capturing and delivery, in a few clicks you create a “ZAP” an automated task that captures the lead from Facebook and adds it to an excel sheet then sends it to an email or connect it to a CRM.

What made it very popular among marketeers is that it works as a bridge between Facebook and most used CRMs like Salesforce, PipeDrive, and ZOHO CRM


  • It is very flexible in the integration, it can work with most CRMs, Google Suites, and most online sales tools.
  • It is easy to use


  • It has a defined number of ZAPs per package monthly, so if you have multiple campaigns at the same time, it will require a bigger package purchase, also you can use zapier for other campaigns.
  • Zapier can’t be alone in managing your sales team from A to Z it always requires an additional tool or CRM.

Flash Lead Essential

Flash lead has a distinctive role to connect Facebook leads to CRM

Flash Lead is a CRM developed in & for the middle east that is becoming very popular among Facebook advertisers in the region.

As it is one of the very few CRM that went the extra mile. It is connected with Facebook leads ads directly through API integration.

Its ease of use and direct integration with Facebook Leads Ads gave it an economic edge and made it an all-in-one solution that integrates and automatically connects leads to sales.

 Any Flash Lead user can connect his campaign lead form with a customized mapping to the CRM.

 This integration automatically downloads any captured Lead to Flash Lead Essential and connects it to the salesperson,

through a mobile push notification to take immediate action on the lead handling. 

Flash Lead Pros:

  • Flash lead connects directly with Facebook Leads Ads without any third party integrations. This makes it a low cost more efficient solution. 
  • It has the plugin and play feature.  
  • It has no limit of the quantity of leads imported. So it gives an advantage to any sales team specially for users with high usage of lead generation.
  • When you use it for Facebook Leads integrations you are able to deliver the leads automatically to your sales team with a mobile push notification also profiting from tracking progress features on Flash Lead Essential.

Flash Lead Cons:

  • If you are using another CRM like ZOHO, Pipedrive, Salesforce you won’t be able to use Flash Lead facebook leads integration because it is a complete CRM and doesn’t integrate with other CRMs. 

In Conclusion, The Future is digitized from every aspect, especially the business aspect.

Above all, Connection, integration, automation are all keywords to future success. Any CRM that provides them in its features is going to satisfy all of their customers’ needs. So any business that wants to thrive should connect Facebook leads to CRM.

A Sales CRM boosts revenue by 28% per salesperson

Top Facebook CRM Integration Advantages

  1. Protects your team from getting crowded with using multiple solutions.
  2. Puts an end to manual importing of leads which saves much time and effort.
  3. Avoids losing track of any data by syncing Facebook with CRM.
  4. Lets you engage faster with your lead to start nurturing the operation.
  5. Communicate with more people in a shorter time.
  6. Helps you in managing your campaigns; where the solution saves leads imported in a list carrying the campaign name.
  7. Provides a better client experience by careful handling and keeping of his data.

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