Flash Lead Essential, Built For The Middle East

Flash Lead Essenti, built for the Middle East

Flash Lead Essential is the next big thing not because this is self-promotion, but it is bound to happen because it puts the customer’s needs first and allocates all of its resources for the bigger picture.

It understands the market and how it operates. It designs its features for each specific market and each specific industry has its own recognition within the solution.  

In this article, we’ll discuss:

Flash Lead Essential Software in the Middle East 

As an Egyptian-based SaaS company, Flash Lead succeeded in filling an observed gap in the CRM market by launching its first solution Flash Lead Essential, it was the base of an inspiring project started by Flash Lead to provide the Middle East with the CRM that meets its needs.

Also Through Flash Lead Essential, the company managed to develop into a popular solution for numerous industries in major sectors of its superior features that help salespersons in their deals and their communication with the leads. This encouraged Flash Lead to launch Flash Lead Call to serve the salespersons in receiving calls and making new ones.

Flash Lead Pro has recently come with its various automation tools and omnichannel conversation module added to the CRM background. Still, Flash Lead Essential is the solid foundation that the company built its comprehensive structure on, to deliver the Middle Eastern Client the solution that suits its potential and speaks his mind.

What is Flash Lead Essential?

Flash Lead is a pioneering solution that helps businesses to develop new sales and boost team performance

Firstly, Flash Lead Essential is a cloud-based CRM, made in the Middle East for the Middle East. It helps the “salesforce” in Egypt and the Middle East perform better and close more deals. 

Secondly, Its concept is simple, it is a website and a mobile application that any employee can access anywhere, anytime, its features cover the Egyptian and the Middle East salesforce behavior.

Developed to be the SEMs most convenient CRM; starting from the 14 days of Free trial, self onboarding, and flexible pricing to the dynamic ongoing features development. 

The Story

Reporting and connecting Facebook with the sales, are the main reason Flash Lead started

Flash Lead Essential idea started when “Direction North Agency” -a sister company to Flash Lead- was facing two main problems in handling the digital marketing campaign they create for their clients: 

  1. Connecting Facebook leads with sales fast.
  2. Create accurate reports of generating leads 

To clarify, it was mainly a CRM connecting the Lead generation campaign from Facebook with push notifications for users to act fast in responding to the leads.

Then, it developed to create advanced reports, connections from multiple sources, and an optimization tool for Salesforce performance.

Why Flash Lead Essential?

Customer relationship management, also known as CRM, is the use of technology to enhance the relationship between the customer and the company; considered the biggest software market in the world with key players like Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive CRM, and many other names.

Meanwhile, It is different from the competition in that it is locally developed by international standards, meanwhile, most advanced sales CRM in Egypt are internationally developed with an R&D that usually neglects or fails to grasp the CRM market gaps in the region. It interacts with local companies to develop the perfect fit CRM in Egypt and the Middle East.

The main features

Flash Lead Essential includes a lot of features that help salespersons, managers and even end customers

Certainly, it is always developing new sales features to enhance performance and help all company members in their sales process starting from the sales team, and marketing team to the high board.

Among the most important features in Flash Lead is: 

  • Facebook Lead ads integration to CRM
  • Automatic Leads assign
  • Leads response tracking and history
  • Mobile app CRM
  • Webapp CRM
  • Leads autodial
  • Multiple pipelines reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Lead quality analysis
  • Call Logs tracking
  • Complete target and sales module
  • WhatsApp integration
  • And for sure multilingual Arabic and English CRM
  • Team performance analysis

Industries that can use Flash Lead

Our Flash Lead solution is used by many industries for its simplicity and accuracy

Moreover, we developed the structure of Flash Lead Essential to fit most industries, almost everything is customizable in the system, with easy-to-modify configurations; starting with the structure of the team, sales pipeline, lead sources, containers structure, invoicing system, and more.

In Addition, The portfolio of companies relying on it to boost their salesforce performance is very diverse among those industries:

  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Banking
  • Insurance companies
  • Shipping
  • Medical Care
  • Solar Energy
  • Developments
  • Consulting
  • Construction
  • Event Organizing
  • Training and Teaching Centers

Meanwhile, it uses the region of the Middle East to customize all of its features to help businesses retain customer loyalty, and close deals more efficiently and effectively, and it uses its innovative technology to help its customer base fulfill their strategic goals. 

In conclusion, Flash Lead uses its know-how in the market to respond to what you need and helps businesses fulfill their customers’ needs. It uses its knowledge in the Middle East to customize its features and increase your lead quality and help you retain and share information and details better. Flash Lead is the future of CRM System Software. 

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