Popular CRM Systems; Zoho, Pipe Drive, and Flash Lead

Popular CRM Systems; In this blog, we have always discussed the best CRMs available in the market. The Market is filled with CRMs that can help your business thrive and profit, but as we discussed in a previous article, not all good CRMs are good for your business. Awareness of your business and your business needs is essential for success and will help you satisfy your customer’s needs.

Types of Popular CRM 

There are 3 types of CRMs that we deal with, which are covered by the SaaS companies we’ll discuss along with the article. 

Collaborative CRM: A Type of Popular CRM 

It’s the type of CRM that makes all teams connected; sales, marketing, customer service, …etc share the client’s data to serve him, nurture relationships, or sell him new products. And for large organizations, a collaborative CRM defeats geographical obstacles. Every update related to any client could be easily shared with any individual at any team in any area of the world. 

Operational CRM: The Most Popular CRM

It’s a CRM that focuses on providing better tools for customer management through automation and a customized sales pipeline, it also accompanies the customer across the journey, it mainly guides the company throughout their lead management process. It follows the customer’s interactions and behavior to deliver a personalized experience to the client.  

Analytical CRM

This CRM is mainly an insight provider, when you know how your client behaves most time, you’ll easily serve him with what actually represents his responsibility. The data the solution collects about the client turns out to be important for the right decisions to be made. The client’s pain points and covering them with the right solutions will easily encourage the client to do a conversion. 

So Throughout this article, we will be discussing three CRMs in detail that cover the 3 types of CRMs and how they can help you in generating income:

  • Zoho
  • PipeDrive 
  • Flash Lead 

Entertaining the possibility of giving your business the push it needs to be aligned with every marketing action your sales team makes, keeping your customer relationships as excellent as they can get. Once you are ready to give your business what it needs to flourish, profit will arrive with popular CRM Systems. 


Zoho provides your business with everything it needs in an effective Customer Relationship Platform. It transforms your whole business communication with your customers. A range of features, affordable prices, and customization options makes it a complete CRM Platform so let’s dive in with some details shall we: 

Zoho Pricing 

Part of what makes Zoho CRM a great program overall is the multiple pricing options it offers. Users can choose from five different subscription plans and are charged per user, per month.  The five subscription plans are free, standard, professional, enterprise, and ultimate. 

Zoho Key Features 

An array of features that impresses and is available in every department is a rather impressive achievement. 


Zoho Provides such a basic feature in a comprehensive way that makes it an edge feature that they have. Step-by-step guides on downloading extensions, webinars, e-books, admin and user guides, integration guides, and an active online community of users make it easy to get answers to your technical and organizational questions. 


Zoho offers single-click dialing directly from the CRM. Once you’ve integrated telephony, anytime a user views a contact card, they have the option of clicking to call. The telephony feature also has built-in reminders so you can set future callbacks, and the automatic call logging makes it easy to see customer info and conversation history. 

Customer and Vendor Portals 

“Communication is key” is a famous statement and Zoho has taken that statement to another level. By making customer portals that allow your business to communicate with your most valued customers in a new way. Your customers, who must be granted access to customer portals, can do things like browse catalogs of products and services, view invoices, and place orders without contacting a salesperson directly. Likewise, vendor portals allow your most trusted vendors to communicate with you directly in the CRM as well as view invoices and transactions. 

Everyone has famous pros and cons list they make before they decide to buy anything, so here’s a pros and cons list that will put your mind at ease when dealing with popular CRM Systems.


  • It’s inexpensive and easy to implement, but it offers far more functionality than similarly priced products.
  • Zoho’s other business apps are equally SMB-friendly, which means you can build out a custom cloud suite as your business grows and your needs expand. 
  • The admin controls are simplified and easy to comprehend, so no need for an experienced software admin to maintain permissions, which is a major boost for small operations. 


  • Customer service 
  • Not many customizable feature options 
  • Doesn’t offer a pipeline by expected closing dates. 

Pipedrive is a deal-driven customer relationship management CRM all-around solution that can work as an account management tool. It assists in both the marketing and sales processes to provide a complete service to your business. It always tries to keep it simple with three types of packages depending on your budget and needs. 


Pipedrive usually thinks of customers first and how they can make their features as comfortable for your business as possible and that of course comes with a price or three price tiers. The essential tier, the advanced tier and the enterprise tier that has been recently added.  

Pipedrive’s key features 

Simplified User Interface 

Pipedrive is as simple as it gets with a straightforward and minimalist layout, One of Pipedrive CRM’s most helpful features is the icon that appears next to each deal in your pipeline. 

Contact Timelines help sales reps see who they should contact next and when to conduct follow-ups. A Smart Contact Data feature pulls public information about your contacts so you can get a full picture of prospects, leads, and current customers. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg of what a simplified UI helps in providing for your business. 

Customizable Lead Generation Chatbot 

Pipedrive CRM is one of the popular CRM Systems that lets you quickly move contacts from one step in the pipeline to another by dragging and dropping. As a result, lead management is simple. 

Pipedrive adds a lead booster which is a lead generation tool that helps in handling all of your leads with a customizable chatbot that businesses can add to their websites, they can set up preprogrammed questions to capture new leads, which Leadbooster then adds to your pipeline. 

Reporting And Third-Party Integration 

Pipedrive CRM integrates with many big-name productivity tools, such as Google G Suite, Google Maps, MailChimp, and Zapier to name a few. It also works with Xero to generate and track invoices and enrich financial reporting. Pipedrive gives you a forwarding address so you can store your relevant emails and share them with the team.

Now to the pros and cons list: 


  • Offers an intuitive interface and deal-driven workflow
  • Helps SMBs keep on top of their CRM process 


  • Limited functionality for the price
  • No separation between lists of new leads and contacts 

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3-Flash Lead

Flash Lead
Flash Lead


It offers you two packages; Flash Lead Essential & Flash Lead Pro each one has its discount rates based on how many employees will be on the system.  

Flash Lead Key Features

It categorized its features to help every department of your business. With features for the marketing & admins team, features for managers & owners, and features for sales managers and team leaders in sales. 

Features For Marketing & Admins team 

  • Automatic Connections for Facebook campaigns 
  • Bulk Import Lists for excel sheets
  • Instant performance monitoring for the campaign 

Features For Managers & Owners: 

  • Team Performance Overview 
  • Customized Pipeline Configuration 
  • KPI Dashboard 

Features for Sales Managers & Team Leaders

  • Mobile Application for instant access
  • Instant Notification for lead assigning
  • Automatic CIL sending & renewal  
ZohoPipedriveFlash Lead 
Standard/18 USD Per User Per MonthThe Essential Tier/ 11.90 USD Per User Per MonthFlash Lead Essential/ 56.25SAR
 Per User Per Month
Professional/30 USD Per User Per MonthThe Advanced Tier/ 24.90 USD Per User Per Month Flash Lead Pro / 112.5SAR
 Per User Per Month 
Enterprise/45 USD Per User Per MonthProfessional Tier/ 49.90 USD Per User Per Month
Ultimate/55 USD Per User Per Month The Enterprise Tier/ 74.90 USD Per User Per Month
Last pricing update, January 2023

Popular CRM Systems: Comparing prices between Zoho, Pipedrive, and Flash Lead

In Conclusion, using CRM System Software is essential for any business, and choosing the right CRM System Software for your business is the key to satisfying your clients and moving ahead of the competition so make sure that the CRM System of your choice speaks your language and understands your market. So may the odds be in your Business’s favor with the right popular CRM Systems of your choosing.

How to know that you’ve chosen the right popular CRM system

  • Has any of your employees suffered from inconvenience in using the system?
  • Are there any features your employees don’t use or under-use?
  • Is there any feature your employees don’t know how it should be used?
  • After 3 months of usage, has your sales increased?
  • If you have any actual metrics that measure customer retention and satisfaction, have rates gone higher?

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