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Marketing and sales undoubtedly have a common background as they deal with the client, the marketer deals with the imaginary client (buyer persona) that he builds his campaign on; while the salesman deals with the lead (potential client) when he turns from virtual into real. Flash lead Pro is eager to create a distinctive client experience by combining sales and marketing tools in one solution. In other words, Flash Lead Pro consists of all Flash Lead Essential features with some additional advanced features; like automation and an omnichannel conversation module. Let’s dive in!

In this article, we’ll discuss:

Sales and Marketing Strategy
The marketing and sales journey through Flash Lead Pro 
How Flash Lead Pro reinforces marketing 
Flash Lead Pro and Sales Department
How Flash Lead manages marketing and sales

Sales and Marketing Strategy

What Is a Sales and Marketing Strategy?

Before we know how Flash Lead Pro balances a sales and marketing strategy, we should know what is a one! It’s a plan that includes the process of turning leads into profitable clients by attracting them, encouraging them to engage, and following up with them. This strategy helps sales and marketing in achieving their targeted shared objectives through defined benchmarks. Flash Lead will help you to achieve the alignment between marketing and sales that every business looks for.

The biggest challenge that faces Sales and Marketing alignment

Data prevent sales and marketing from alignment, as marketers manage their tasks using tools and data collectors that differ from those that salespersons use. In Flash Lead Pro, automation tools used by marketers and CRM used by salespersons became one. That’s why we could say that Flash Lead solved the biggest problem that meets both marketing and sales.

The marketing and sales journey through Flash Lead Pro 

Flash Lead Essential has always been the best sales solution for growing business revenue; where it automatically captures the leads from Facebook ads, google forms and excel sheets; to help the salesperson and allows him to put a time for the cold call with the imported leads.

It also customizes the sales pipeline, according to the client and the business, in addition to analytical reports generated by the system that discusses data about the clients and the salespersons as well.

Also, It helps supervisors and CEOs to optimize management through internal chats with their team members discussing any critical detail about a certain lead; creating lists that gather clients on the same condition saves much time and effort, and listings could be the best way to manage products’ data.

It is like the motor driving the 2 back wheels, which represent sales, to move a 2WD vehicle or the whole business. While Flash Lead Pro is like an upgraded motor that moves a 4WD vehicle by driving the 4 wheels, which represent marketing and sales.

Flash Lead Pro/ Marketing and Sales

It is a Flash Lead Essential with automated marketing and facilitates communication with leads via WhatsApp business, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Moreover, creating a single interface for multiple channels provides the omnichannel conversations that Flash Lead Pro is built on. 

It also manages deals from A to Z, and automates lead redelivery and tracking; in addition to automating SMS sending to the right leads.

How Flash Lead Pro reinforces marketing 

Marketing is the step that attracts leads to the business, without marketing no deals will start to develop, therefore marketing and sales are head and tail of the same coin. Flash Lead Pro optimizes marketing through automation features, omnichannel conversation, and reporting tools to get clear insights.

1- Automated Marketing

CRM and automated marketing work in parallel, performing different functions. Automated marketing basically starts with the basic activities the prospect does to be attracted to the business; by the end, automated marketing passes the suitable leads to start the sales pipeline. CRM, in fact, manages the leads’ data and their position in the sales pipeline.

Marketing automation and CRM don’t just work in parallel, but they integrate with each other, forming a full-function system, which here is Flash Lead Pro.

SMS texts are becoming a superior tool for marketing automation; where 98% of SMSs the users recognize on the same day, and nearly 74% of users say that they don’t have any unread SMS. In conclusion, Flash Lead Pro provides automated SMS campaigns to make the business break any assumed limit. 

2- Omnichannel conversations 

Omni as a Latin expression refers to “All”. Flash Lead Pro allows its dashboard users to access all communication platforms through one channel, and that’s how it means all in one.

In other words, simple features such as omnichannel conversations could be a primary factor for revenue growth; where research found that 9 out of 10 customers want an omnichannel service that saves much time and effort; as a multichannel service makes the customer reply to his inquiry, issue or else. This reflects positively on marketing and sales.

3- Reporting tools 

The analytical reports are found in Flash Lead Pro as well as in Flash Lead Essential, the main goal of these reports is to deliver accurate insights that help any business owner in making decisions based on pure data.

Customer insights cover all the customers’ behaviors to better understand them, indicating their preferences, goals, and interests. It also focuses on customer feedback to update products/services.

Customer insights also encourage businesses to predict how the customer will deal with the next purchasing decision, the insight answers critical questions any business face like:

  • How can a business import a new product/service easily accepted by customers in the market?
  • How could a business forecast the customer’s next needs?
  • What should a business do to optimize its marketing campaigns?
28% revenue increase per salesperson is the effect of using CRM

Flash Lead Pro and Sales Department

After discussing the main features that make it useful to marketing, now it’s the sales turn. Marketing and sales tools are found in it, whereas all the sales tools are found in Flash Lead Essential as well.

1- Sales Automation

According to SMT, nearly 75% of businesses currently use automation tools in marketing and sales; automation diminishes human error like unmeant mistakes during leads’ data entry that ends up in a lost sale or even bad reputation!

Automated lead entry and delivery make importing leads’ data the easiest step in the whole process. Once the salesperson captures the data, he has to instantly contact the lead; to avoid his loss of interest or starting the sales pipeline with a competitor. 

2- Modules for marketing and sales

It has customer and sales modules. The customer module is the portion that contains all leads’ data; therefore, it allows users to manage them and keeps the notes taken about every communication with them.

Also, the sales module monitors negotiations that are ongoing and the past ones and how they ended. The data of every sale cycle is easily accessed; in other words, it allows the salespersons to follow up and end what their colleagues have started.

3- Meeting scheduling

It simply arranges the meetings that the salespersons need to hold with their leads. Also, suitable reminders will be put to notify them of the date and time; in conclusion, all meetings will be accurately arranged on the calendar.

Sales CRM is essential factor in earning more profit

How Flash Lead manages marketing and sales

When we started Flash Lead our marketing team delivered inquiries and questions about our software products, these questions are used to fill out excel sheets. Then, the excel sheets are sent to the sales team to cover these questions during their cold calls and demo presentations. It’s a bit long process that consumed a lot of tabs, time, and effort. 

After we developed our Conversation Module, things went differently!

A conversation module is an integrated unit that gathers all social media channels through which our clients communicate with us; Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, every message we receive is answered directly by our sales team, as well as, every new message from an unknown person is saved to the system as a new lead.

Many leads canceled meetings with our salespersons, and overlap accidentally happened between other leads’ meetings, this made us develop a new tool that manages and organizes our meetings to save our client’s time and ours.

Meet Me, now!

It’s a personalized tool that gives our salespersons the chance to put the time slots they are available at, then they send a link to the leads, so, they can choose the best time that suits their schedule. 

We are always upgrading this module to make it more simple and more efficient, that’s why, we allowed users to add tags, to easily determine the source of every meeting they need to attend.  

These two simple elements increased our performance efficiency by 15% and 18% better communication. We’re looking to double these values by adding more features and developing advanced modules.

Obviously, Flash Lead Pro is a perfect upgrade of Flash Lead Essential that makes you hold the wheel of your business in a more professional way. In this article, we discussed the benefits your business will have on getting Flash Lead Pro. Regarding its technical uses, we developed a full guide for Flash Lead Pro to help you achieve your required goals.

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