+800 Pabbly Connect Integrations are now on Flash Lead 

Flash Lead x Pabbly Connect Integration

Integrations are the channels that connect any solution with any application, to develop integrated software that makes every piece of information accessible and easily transferred between the different apps. How Pabbly Connect will be a distinctive addition to Flash Lead?

What’s Pabbly Connect?Flash Lead & Pabbly Connect: It’s the showtime!
Put your rule to automate: Pabbly ConnectSales
Pabbly Connect vs. ZappierMarketing
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What’s Pabbly Connect?

Creating interlinking functions between our Flash Lead solutions and any crucial app for our clients to achieve distinctive progress in their business operations, tasks, and management. Pabbly Connect helps our users to access more than 800 apps and more on their way. It supports users to create the workflow they deserve in a few clicks to successfully ends tasks.

In other words, Flash Lead chooses Pabbly Connect for its similar policy of development, it adds 3-5 new apps daily. Pabbly Connect also establishes communication channels between various applications of different languages through API.

Put your rule to automate: Pabbly Connect

It depends on automation to facilitate your work progress. Starting using Pabbly Connect will make all your most-used apps connected by sharing the information. Flash Lead also considers automation as any business dark horse; so put the rule that your task needs, including selected apps, define your major trigger, and enjoy a dynamic procedure without putting a single code script line.

Pabbly Connect vs. Zappier

In less than 2 weeks of its launching, investors put in funds with a value of $250k; they believed it was the newcomer that will be Zappier’s rapid heir for its reasonable prices and high-quality functions which are as excellent as Zappier.

Flash Lead & Pabbly Connect: It’s the showtime!

Flash Lead’s integration with Pabbly Connect allows our Flash Leaders to maximize the effectiveness of their operations and the employees. It will make the sales pipeline move faster, marketing campaigns are more efficient, and customers are more satisfied and retained for the excellent engagement channels. These occur under the umbrella of perfect business and knowledge management. 


Flash Lead as a perfect lead management solution has different lead sources, Facebook is on the top of the list. Similar to Zappier, Pabbly Connect links Flash Lead to Facebook Lead ads; to import the leads to the solution and manage them.

It helps our users to access new apps and previously integrated apps included in our solutions like Stripe. Integration with a payment service provider makes a deal closing or purchase action easier to do and instantly transfer the payment; so our Flash Leaders can preserve their financial rights instead of cash on delivery choices.


Email campaigns are crucial for nurturing relationships with clients; not only emails but also social media posts and any other marketing tools define your brand identity and attract suitable leads. Flash Lead chooses this integration, also, for the wide range of marketing automation service providers, like  Mailchimp, as automation tools cut down a lot of wasted time needed for planning.


Flash Lead cares about developing your business management, including communication with employees, assigning tasks, storing data, and managing it.

That’s why, we also care about that section through integrating with Pabbly Connect, which makes business communication platforms, like Slack, Trello,… etc., accessible and part of our solution. 

Pabbly Connect integrates with File storage services, for instance, Google Drive, to make all files that need to be stored in one place, easily shared, transferred and edited. Making this data available for certain members of the team or all the team members. These data could vary in importance and volume.

Content Management systems are taken into consideration in the integration; so WordPress and the Woocommerce plugins are applications that exist as part of it. Flash Lead with the new integration will be your perfect supporter to manage your eCommerce, business websites, and blogs.

As well as An email service provider will be the best choice to manage your correspondence. It saves all important announcements, crucial emails, quotations, and follow-ups. The new integration comprises providers, like Gmail, used by more than 1.5 billion individuals, making every notification directly sent to your mail.

Call Center

Customer engagement platforms, Twilio for example, appear on the integration; to make your customer experience distinctive and excellent by supporting every channel your business uses via one platform.

Also, Flash Lead is always looking for the clients’ satisfaction by providing them with the most rising and advanced integrations that make their business’s operations more effective and superior.

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