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Flash Lead provides a VOIP solution with IVR, automatic call routing and softphone app

Flash Lead Call Best VOIP Solution is one of the best features that you can ever get in a CRM. CRM’s additional features improve and facilitate the user’s life. Flash Lead enriches the user’s experience with beneficial add-ons and delivers services that fulfill your needs. 

In this article, we’re covering everything you need to know about our VOIP Solutions.

So let’s start by answering a question that might be circling in your mind. 

What is VOIP? 

Voice over Internet Protocol or more knowingly VOIP is basically getting all of your calls done over the internet whether you make the call or receive them. Computers and mobile devices communicate together over an IP Address and now you can use it to make telephone calls instead of using your local phone company. All you need are the following so you can get started: 

Cable Modem—-> Router—--> Switch—->Computers & Hardware Phones 

Those are the standard hardware that is needed to get going. You can use VOIP to call anyone worldwide and enjoy an unlimited variety of features. 

Now that we’ve understood what VOIP is, now comes the hard part of understanding how it works.

How Does VOIP Work? 

While in a normal call your phone exchanges the conversation through small data packets. In a VOIP call, those same data packets travel in seconds so a smoother, clearer, and more effective call occurs. A VOIP phone system ensures you get all the useful functions you need like voicemail, call forwarding, call recording, and more.

There are two ways to use it: 

  1. Have the function be installed on your phone
  2. Have it in a separate device like ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter which is a device for connecting traditional analog telephone devices to a voice over IP telephony network.)

So it’s either directly from the phone to the VOIP service provider or a box that switches the signals from any ordinary phone that you have to the service provider. 

Before you invest your trust in the process, you should know what the process actually is.

The Process of VOIP Calls 

The process of VOIP solution starts from a cable modem to the router to the switch to finally reach the computer or mobile

The normal traditional calls usually go like this: 

Phone—->Local Service Provider—-->Phone. Which usually isn’t flexible, takes a long time, and doesn’t have many features. 

Now after using VOIP phone systems the process goes one in three ways: 

VOIP using phones: 

IP Phone—->Ethernet—->Router—->Internet—->VOIP service provider 

Using a switch like ATA: 

Ordinary phone—-> ATA —->Ethernet—->Router—->Internet—->service provider 

Or the third and last way is one that requires two IP Phones and a certain router type.

A direct connection:  

IP Phone—->Ethernet—-->Router—-->Internet—->Router—->Internet—->IP Phone.

It’s easy and simple. All you need is a broadband internet connection (cable, DSL, or fiber) and you can reap all the benefits of VOIP. 

Now we get to another important question.

How will VOIP benefit my company? 

You’re asking all the right questions which means you’re on the right track.

People usually like to save money and have advanced cost-effective features along with an easy setup all of that with high-quality service. 

So basically VOIP has 4 advantages that will benefit your company: 

Advantages of VOIP solutions
- lower cost
- Advanced features
- High quality sound
- Cheap world wide calls
- Easy setup
  1. 60% less cost than traditional phone bills. 
  2. Advanced features such as auto-attendants, call recording, and call queues. They’re often part of business phone service plans. 
  3. High-Quality sound that makes all your calls smoother, clearer, and simply better. 
  4. There is no long-distance with VOIP anymore as you can call anyone worldwide with minimal billing rates. 
  5. An easy setup along with easy call access to anyone. And yes we said, anyone. 

Flash Lead is all about getting deals done. And our Flash Lead Call VOIP Solution can be the thing you’re looking for in your CRM. 

Flash Lead is built in the Middle East for the Middle East. Perfectly fitting start-ups, small & mid-sized companies with an on-ground or a telesales team.

Well-known VOIP providers in Egypt, KSA, and GCC

  1. Open Phone
  2. Call Hippo
  3. 3CX
  4. Flash Lead call

Most of the international providers charge you for incoming and outcoming calls in USD which makes it very costly as a service.

But Flash Lead Call is one of the very few providers that exist in the region making it the best VOIP provider in the region in terms of pricing, support, and flexibility.

Flash Lead Call “VOIP” Solution

Flash Lead aims to help you convert your leads into deals, by simplifying your call process and simplifying everything for your team. It gives you the call solution so you can record, monitor, and improve your calls. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Flash lead VOIP add-on “Flash Lead Call”:

Flash Lead Call Features
- In app softphone
- Local tariff for Egypt and KSA
- Advanced Integration for Flash Lead Essential

1) In-app softphone (Plug & Play) no need for any installation or third-party integrations.

2) Local tariff for Egypt and KSA.

3) Advanced integration with Flash Lead Essential and Flash Lead Pro.

Most VOIP services available in the GCC and MENA region are 100% independent and not included in any CRM which produces double work or data stored in multiple areas.

To have a VOIP with local tariffs you must have a physical server inside the country with costly PBX installation and maintenance.

So “Flash Lead Call” is the best VOIP available for companies in GCC and MENA for the above reasons that no other competitors are offering. 

You can check all of the packages here on Flash Lead

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