Flash Lead elevates with the Rise Up Summit

Flash Lead X Rise Up Summit 2021 at the pyramids

Flash Lead, as an innovative entrepreneurial startup, always seeks growth and continuous development, as part of accomplishing this mission, Flash Lead participates in the Rise Up summit, and here we’re gonna illustrate how attending this event could be a plus and why Rise Up is a crucial benchmark in networking as well as entrepreneurial guidance from Startups stories and from the international speakers!

History of the Rise Up Summit

The origin

Since it was first inaugurated in 2013, the Rise Up summit has always gathered all the MENA entrepreneurs in numerous fields. This 3-day marathon creates the most suitable environment for competition, developing new ideas and showcasing each entity’s services.

Main vision and objectives

Rise Up’s main vision includes assembling all the ecosystem stakeholders of different backgrounds and experiences in one place to share their knowledge and collaborate which affects the local economy positively by the end.

Also, Rise Up aims to make all the international influencers, in any business or industry, available at the summit; to display their full experience and present their knowledge that every startup could be in need, through speeches, workshops, and discussion panels.

Rise up attracts more investors

The investors deliver funding programs that help any startup to achieve more progress and development. The investors represent deep-rooted establishments with a spectrum of industries, these programs help in developing the industry as a whole.

The summit encompassed many international sponsors like PepsiCo, IBM, Facebook. This is in addition to MENA’s leading entrepreneurship platform Wamda, Uber, Careem, and the British Council.

Partners’ role and how the Egyptian state participates

Partners, as well, contributed to forming the Rise Up summit’s special identity and every partner left a positive mark in the event. Organizing such an event with these large numbers of startups, speakers, investors, and volunteers wouldn’t have gone well without cooperative partners.

As well as, The Egyptian state, represented by its government, also supported the Rise Up summit, where it participates through a state-owned startup incubation program (Fekretak Sherketak), which helps the youth to implement their original ideas.

The heart of Cairo

The Greek Campus in Downtown was the major host of this distinctive summit nearly seven times, this year the event will be held next to the pyramids’ landmark to plant the seeds of the future into the fertile soil of rich history.

This year’s Rise Up summit


This year’s Rise Up summit is held in the period from 25th to 27th of November, 2021 by the pyramids with the theme “Timeless Innovation”. Because of Covid-19, last year the event was hosted online to produce a new chance for the startups and investors.

Choosing the pyramids as the event location has a clear purpose that refers to this extraordinary landmark. A single achievement could last for thousands of years as long as it’s been established based on intensive efforts and original creations.

As usual, the summit occupies 3 days; each represents a standalone stage that has its speakers, workshops, …etc. The first stage is the Capital stage, the second is the Creative stage and the last day will be the Tech stage.

Speakers at the Rise Up’21 summit

The speakers of the Rise up’21 enclose numerous international and MENA public figures that positively impacted their industries.

At the Tech stage, you will find Tarek Fahim, the Managing Partner at Endure Capital, Basil Moftah, general partner at Global Ventures, Vera Futorjanski, founder of Veritas Ventures, and other professionals.

Also, the Capital stage includes entrepreneurs and influencers like Ayman Ismail, founding director of AUC Venture, Tarek Assad, managing partner at Algebra Ventures, Mohamed AlMeshekah, founder at Outliers Venture Capital, Laila Hassan, Ventre Partner at 500 Global, Nora Al-Sarhan, executive director of investments at SVC, and other experts.

Partners and investors

Like every event, Rise Up keeps the mentorship activities, where startups could meet with the experts and professionals that could help them in their projects. 

In conclusion, The summit gives startups the chance to meet their suitable investors through the matchmaking service; so that they could present their outstanding ideas directly on the behalf of the investor.

Partners of this year include illuminated titles in their fields; where the strategic partner is Talabat, and Paymob is the Digital Payment Partner. In addition to Egypt Air, will join the summit as a  Rise Up partner for the first time. 

Creative Marketplace at the Rise Up Summit

A Creative Marketplace where all the premium creative merch products of the MENA region are found. The F&B Station is a good spot for experiencing all the new caterings in the food and beverage industry; besides the traditional that widely exists in the market.

Rise Up Summit is an event that Flash lead participates in during the period 25 & 26 November.

Flash Lead X Rise Up Summit

The story behind Flash Lead

Flash Lead is a cloud-based CRM system available on the web and as a mobile application. It helps the SMEs to boost their sales through responsive marketing tools, business automation and enhanced KPI reports for managers.

The products are developed specifically for the Middle East to meet this large market’s needs. Flash Lead has great accessibility and insight into this regional market; due to the presence of the Flash Lead’s R&D and support in the same environment.

Flash lead is always attentive to add new smart features regularly based on actual user experience and feedback. The products allow the companies to optimize sales, marketing, and customer service through full management of the leads.

Flash lead participates in the Rise Up Summit for the second year in a row. In the fall of 2021, Flash Lead targets more leads, and it finds Rise Up Summit as a perfect opportunity to present its products and packages that include Flash Lead Essential, Flash Lead Pro, and Flash Lead Call with special offers and discounts.

Flash Lead Essential

A wide spectrum of companies use Flash lead Essential, this system could be easily used by any small sales team; that starts from 3 individuals to more than 100 salespersons. It includes all the major features that any entity needs like; Facebook leads integration, automatic leads assignment, reporting, customer pipeline, and more.

Therefore, it excels in the follow-up for the progress of the sale; using a full module for deals and internal chat between team leaders and other team members.

Flash Lead Pro

Flash Lead Pro includes all the features found in Flash Lead Essential in addition to more professional tools that optimize sales, marketing, and customer service. Also, Flash Lead Pro has an automated marketing package that automates sending SMS and Email, automates leads re-delivery and tracking.

Flash Lead Call

Offering VOIP services via a Plug & Play virtual call center, called Flash Lead Call, is a service that Flash lead delivers with local tariffs in KSA and Egypt. More than 90% of the traditional cost of call centers is saved using Flash Lead Call, with no IP phones. By downloading a softphone app, the entity has its own call center.

Need to start with Flash Lead today? Book a call with one of our experts.

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